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Capitalizing China [electronic resource] /
Labor in the new economy [electronic resource] /
Monetary trends in the United States and the United Kingdom [electronic resource] : their relation to income, prices, and interest rates, 1867-1975 /
Founding choices [electronic resource] : American economic policy in the 1790s /
Fiscal foresight and information flows [electronic resource] /
Corporate capital structures in the United States [electronic resource] /
Financial policies and the world capital market [electronic resource] : the problem of Latin American countries /
The analysis of firms and employees [electronic resource] : quantitative and qualitative approaches /
Preventing currency crises in emerging markets [electronic resource] /
Topics in empirical international economics [electronic resource] : a festschrift in honor of Robert E. Lipsey /
Fiscal policy and management in East Asia [electronic resource] /
A retrospective on the classical gold standard, 1821-1931 [electronic resource] /
Social security programs and retirement around the world [electronic resource] : fiscal implications of reform /
Risky behavior among youths [electronic resource] : an economic analysis /
A Retrospective on the Bretton Woods system [electronic resource] : lessons for international monetary reform /
Aging in the United States and Japan [electronic resource] : economic trends /
The economics of new goods [electronic resource] /
The economics of school choice [electronic resource] /
The effects of U.S. trade protection and promotion policies [electronic resource] /
The inflation-targeting debate [electronic resource] /