Assunto: Organizational change

Reinterpreting the learning organisation
Organizing innovation [electronic resource] : new approaches to cultural change and intervention in public sector organizations /
Enhancing organizational performance [electronic resource] : a toolbox for self-assessment /
From widgets to digits [electronic resource] : employment regulation for the changing workplace /
Evaluating capacity development [electronic resource] : experiences from research and development organizations around the world /
Project manager's spotlight on change management [electronic resource] /
Surviving transformation [electronic resource] : lessons from GM's surprising turnaround /
Role transitions in organizational life [electronic resource] : an identity-based perspective /
Work and life integration [electronic resource] : organizational, cultural, and individual perspectives /
Romania [electronic resource] : untapped intellectual and spiritual capital /
Transforming organizations [electronic resource] /
Space and time and organization change [electronic resource] /
The management of people in mergers and acquisitions [electronic resource] /
Change, choices, and consequences [electronic resource] : a guide to mega thinking and planning /
Developing employee capital [electronic resource] : setting the stage for lifelong learning /
Beyond continuity [electronic resource] : institutional change in advanced political economies /
Complex knowledge [electronic resource] : studies in organizational epistemology /
Make, create, innovate [electronic resource] : a quest for innovation at work /
Organization development [electronic resource] /
Organizational change and innovation processes [electronic resource] : theory and methods for research /