Assunto: Industrial management

Japanese multinationals abroad [electronic resource] : individual and organizational learning /
Knowledge works [electronic resource] : managing intellectual capital at Toshiba /
Management innovators [electronic resource] : the people and ideas that have shaped modern business /
Mind-set management [electronic resource] : the heart of leadership /
Redesigning the firm [electronic resource] /
The democratic corporation [electronic resource] : a radical prescription for recreating corporate America and rediscovering success /
The next sustainability wave [electronic resource] : building boardroom buy-in /
1st European institute for advanced studies in nanagement (EIASM) [electronic resource] : papers from the workshop on visualising measuring and managing intangibles and intellectual capital /
3PL, 4PL and reverse logistics, part 2 [electronic resource] /
Dispersed manufacturing networks [electronic resource] /
Managing business processes for corporate sustainability [electronic resource] /
Transparency and other hot topics [electronic resource] /
The therapeutic corporation [electronic resource] /
Why firms succeed [electronic resource] /
e-technology and manufacturing enterprise competitiveness [electronic resource] /
Application of complexity science to business [electronic resource] /
IT manager's handbook [electronic resource] : getting your new job done /
Corporate governance [electronic resource] : an Emerald guide.
Managing through turbulence [electronic resource] : an Emerald guide.
Marketing in the 21st century [electronic resource] : an Emerald guide.