Assunto: Capitalism

The capitalist revolution in Latin America [electronic resource] /
Third millennium capitalism [electronic resource] : convergence of economic, energy, and environmental forces /
The predatory society : deception in the American marketplace /
Structural reform in Japan [electronic resource] : breaking the iron triangle /
Re-forming capitalism [electronic resource] : institutional change in the German political economy /
Divergent capitalisms [electronic resource] : the social structuring and change of business systems /
Beyond continuity [electronic resource] : institutional change in advanced political economies /
The politics of selfhood [electronic resource] : bodies and identities in global capitalism /
A postcapitalist politics [electronic resource] /
The end of capitalism (as we knew it) [electronic resource] : a feminist critique of political economy /
Primitive America [electronic resource] : the ideology of capitalist democracy /
Capital, interrupted [electronic resource] : agrarian development and the politics of work in India /
The origins of capitalism and the "rise of the West" [electronic resource] /
Culture, society, and economy [electronic resource] : bringing production back in /
Capitalizing on change [electronic resource] : a social history of American business /
The rise of multicultural America [electronic resource] : economy and print culture, 1865-1915 /
Market rebels [electronic resource] : how activists make or break radical innovations /
Exit capitalism [electronic resource] : literary culture, theory and post-secular modernity /
Earthly plenitudes [electronic resource] : a study on sovereignty and labor /
Technocapitalism [electronic resource] : a critical perspective on technological innovation and corporatism /